Frequently Asked Questions
  • Do you shoot destination weddings?
    The thrill of discovering new things and exploring new places is a huge part of our approach to photography... so yes! we shoot them and treat every other one as such.
  • Will there be a second shooter?
    This largely depends on the package opted for which is a reflection of the guest count and complexity of the event. But we mostly work as a team.
  • What kind of gear do you use?
    Does it really matter? lol.. But if we must, we shoot the mirrorless system of one of the leading camera manufacturers and are committed to upgrading to recent versions upon full depreciation.
  • Do I have to order prints through you?
    We deliver prints as part of our packages and it is recommended that prints are ordered through us. At other times, the client can buy off print rights to selected images for self prints.
  • How far should we book in advance?
    We suggest that you book as soon as you are sure that you want us to be your wedding photographers. Most of our clients book us a year to 9 months in advance. However, from time to time we don’t book dates and are available. So reach out to us to find out if we’re available for you.